Skylark (skyewishes) wrote in egl,

Meta Pannier Dissapointment?

I recieved my metamorphose organdie pannier in the mail today, and I have to say after all the reports of its legendary poofiness.. I'm a tad dissapointed. Its soft and fluffy organdie allright, but there's not much of it.. and it seems to do only an average job of giving shape to a very light skirt (I tried it with an Angelic Pretty cotton and chiffon skirt for example). I don't know, maybe their quality has dropped a bit since others on this community ordered it? I was just hoping for something that would give a fuller shape to my skirts and well, I've seen tulle panniers that do a better job.

Has anyone else been similarly dissapointed or do you have tips for washing it to improve the poof etc?
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