wintermoon_snow (wintermoon_snow) wrote in egl,

All right, who needs some luck?

Happy St. Patricks day, everyone! Here's my lolita-inspired decora outfit that I wore to work today!

It took me half an hour to get ready and I was almost late for work! :O I didn't even get to finish making this here bag before I left! T_T

People kept asking me where I got my sunglasses. Claire's!

For good luck I am the green-suited soldier Sailor Shamrock! In the name of St. Patricks Day, I shall bring luck to you!

Close-up of my tie!

Details on my tie! I really adore the ruffles. XD

The skirt! I had to handsew the bottom layer of ruffles cuz my machine didn't want to. X_x

Details on the skirt!

L is for LUCK!

Side view! Sorry this came out so blurry! It's hard taking pictures of oneself >.<

Back view!

My decorated head! I know, I needed some more darker clips...

Left arm and hand! Look at the poor lone green fingernail! I didn't have time to paint the rest or my other hand.

My right arm and hand! My Dir en Grey wristband is upside down :( My friend Ra-kun made me the green ringout of wire back when we were in high school. The white ring's a heart in case you can't tell. Got it from Hot Topic! XD

Ear rings, which weren't visible ;_;

Now, you didn't think I'd forget to match my consumptions with my apparel, did you? Courtesy of 7-11! I'm officially calling it my holidy food store.

Mmm...! Oishii desu! XD (Not really. 7-11 doughuts tase like crap X_x but...oh well...)

You still want some, right? XD

The socks! 

Look, skullz! XD

Oh no! I'm being abducted by lucky aliens! :O

Full body pic! Once again, I'm sorry for the blurriness! >.<

Bow: Handmade
Wig: E-bay
Green Lip stick and nail polish: E-bay
Black lip stick: Hot Topic
Accessories: Claire's, Hot Topic, The dollar Store, some borrowed, others various places
Incomplete bag >.< :Hand-made
Tie: Handmade
Blouse: Forever 21
Top: Something I've had for a while. I altered it way back..It used to be a square neck.
Skirt: Handmade (painstakingly X_x)
Thigh highs: hmm...actually, I can't remember!
Knee highs: Hot topic
Rocking Horse Shoes: Montreal
Garter (not viewable: Victoria's Secret
Bloomers (not visible): E-bay
Petticoat (not visible): E-bay
Doughnut: 7-11
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