x_azriel_x (x_azriel_x) wrote in egl,

Innocent World Fanplusfriend

Kay, so I have a pretty specific question, I remember someone mentioning this particular outfit a while back [Though I can't remember for the life of me what the rest of the post was about] and I just...absolutely love it.

And I was thinking about getting it[The vest and shortpants] commissioned from Fanplusfriend since I've heard good things about their work, but I was hoping that maybe someone had this particular outfit commissioned, and if so, what did you think?

I do know I want to buy the actual blouse--

--From Innocent World, since it's just so gorgeous, though I haven't heard too much about them [usually hear about Baby, Meta, or Angelic Pretty as far as orders and things go.]

My birthday's coming up, so if I can pay for the more expensive part [whichever it might be] I thought I'd ask for the other.

Basically I just want your personal opinions on both items--Sorry for anyone this inconveniences! I hadn't planned to post in a while, I just really love this outfit.

Thank you very much ahead of time!
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