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Baby the Stars Shine Bright Reservation Items!

Great News everyone ^_^! Celga would like to announce that Baby the Stars Shine Bright has offered to us the chance to allow all Celga customers to participate in the following reservations from Baby! Please Check them out!

If you would like to get these reservation items we will be ordering them directly from Baby the Stars Shine Bright so please go ahead and sendin in your Celga orders as usual or if you are new check out the Celga EGL site for instructions how!

Some of the items we do not have pictures or measurements of but if you find it please let us know or you can go ahead and preorder if you already know it is something you need to have!

Some of the items are on the i-colle site for you to look at and for measurement info, some are also there showing the reservation info, some are also released already - however Celga can order these items for you directly from Baby!

Miffy has already started talking about it here, other items are probably still available but here is a definite list of some of the things we can preorder ^^!

Here are the items ^^:

1) Onpu Shishuu Spring Coat

Color: Kinari, Pink, Black x White, Black x Black
Release date: The 3rd week of March

2) Ohana to Ribbon no Salon Music Jumper Skirt

Color: Kinari, Mint, Lavender Pink, Black
Release: Late April

3)Guro Gran Ribbon Kachuusha (headdress) 3,150yen
Color: White, Kinari, Pink, Sax, Black x White,
Black x Black
Release: Late Apr - Early May

 4) Fruits Taruto Embroy Dary Jumper Skirt 29,190yen
 Color: Kinari x Brown Shishuu, Pink x Enji (dark read)
shishuu, Red x White shishuu, Black x Pink Shihuu)
Release: May

5) Short Cake Mini Hat 10,290yen
Color: Pink x White lace
Release: Early April

 6) Tachi Eri Gather York Blouse 14,490yen
 Color; White
 Release: April

7) Alice Tea Party Jumper Skirt 21,840yen
Color: Pink, Sax, Black
Release; Early April

 8) Cherry Lace Kachusha (headdress) 3,990yen
 Color: White, Kinari, Pink, Sax, Black x White,
 Black x Black)
 Release: Unknown

9) Nezumimi  One-piece

 Color: White, Pink, Black
Release; Later March-Early Apr

10) March Rabbit Hood One-piece 37,590yen
Color: Enji (dark red), Black
Mid April

 11) Flower Dobby Chek One-piece 29,190yen
Color: Pink, Enji, Sax, Black x White
 Release: Late March

12) Heart Ribbon Kachuusha 2,415yen
Color White x Pink, Enji, Black
 Mid March

13) Heart Ribbon Blacelet 1,890yen
Color: White x Pink, Enji, Black

14) Gingham Check Bag
12,390 Yen

I hope you find something you like! ^^!

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