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DS / DT: Meta Antique White Crew Stockings and Black Fukubukuro JSk

RULES: I will entertain any offers of sale or trade. Please comment with questions or offers. Please keep comments on track.

Feedback is on my personal journal.

Item No. 001: FOR SALE : Metamorphose Antique White Crew Socks with Rachel Lace

Original Metamorphose page

Original Price: 2,200 yen ($18.90 USD) +2,500 shipping
Condition: Never worn, tags removed
Price: $20 USD, shipped anywhere in the world

Item No. 002: FOR TRADE : Metamorphose Black Fukubukuro JumperSkirt

Images from khaosvanity

Front (on me)

Back (on me)

Images from kiko_kiko, jsk on fickle_creature

Metamorphose Sale Page, with same style jsk

Original Price: 12,900 yen ($110.64 USD)
Condtion: Worn, good condition.
Size: The largest that I would say that this could go would be a 38" bust and a 34" waist.
Trade: I'm looking to trade this for either a skirt in very good condition or a blouse/cutsew in white. A skirt would need to fit a 29" waist and the blouse/cutsew a 36" bust. I will consider offers of cash if there is no one who would like to trade.
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