Pretty kitty (t3h_janitor_jim) wrote in egl,
Pretty kitty

NY meetup in April?

Hi, everyone! I'm planning to have a picnic with a friend and my boyfriend during the Sakura Matsuri festival on April 28th :D.

I'm wondering if any of you ladies (and gentlemen XD) want to do a meetup at the time. Also, if anyone wants to help me plan this, that'll be great, since I am a Jersey girl myself *shields self from flying rocks*. Just ask for my MSN and we'll discuss.

The Sakura Matsuri festival will be at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden from noon to 6PM but I was planning other things like a picnic and we can get bubble tea (or takoyaki?). I want your suggestions, please. You can also bring one or two of your friends because I don't want my friend and my boyfriend to be left out.

EDIT: If anyone doesn't wanna go to Sakura Matsuri due to allergies, don't like the area, etc. etc., suggest something else :D

I'll keep you guys updated once the date comes closer!
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