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Time to stop lurking...

I've been watching this community for months, taking notes, bookmarking links and adding things to my memories. I'm trying to break into the lolita scene gracefully and decide which style is really "me."

I really like the Aristocrat style, but I'm not too keen on wearing nothing but black and dark colors. It's good for when you feel like it, but I've worn so many dark clothes in my life I get bored with it.

In the article on the Aristocrat style on Wikipedia (listed as Elegant Gothic Aristocrat), it says there is such thing as Sweet Aristocrat. I've scoured Avent Gauche and GLB scans for an example of such until my eyes were bleeding and I didn't find anything.

So is there such thing as Sweet Aristocrat? And if there isn't, would it be terrible if I took a calculated risk and tried to make/define it myself?

If there is, would anyone supply pictures, or links to examples?
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