glorfindel_ (glorfindel_) wrote in egl,

Looking for shoes/boots


I'm on the search for shoes or boots, from people who are in, or don't mind shipping to England, either shops (english please) or second hand. I am desperately searching for a gift for my friends birthday, and would most like moi meme moitie. Something with a huge platform, but not too much of a rise from ball of the foot to the heel. Shoes, ankle or calf boots are all good. Most interested in black.

I can't check back too often, so e-mailing me at: would be much, much appreciated. I am willing to pay VERY well, for second hand in good condition. I have paypal. Size 'M' or 'L' should be fine. My uncle is a shoe mender/maker, so can easily change one size, bigger or smaller. Its about a UK size 5 and a half I'm looking for.

Thanks ever so much!

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