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Personal recount of business

If you are a part of honey_rivenwolf  's group order, please read this.
EDIT: I appreciate everyone's help and input on the manner, but my inbox is getting extremely crunched with all the replies. If you have something to add, please contact me via email or messenger:
AIM: bakurathepyro, Yahoo: synthesizedximperfection, or hotmail: sekkusay_guitarist_kaoru@hotmail.com, with preferred email being synthesizedximperfection@yahoo.com.

Again thank you for your time and help concerning these issues, and I will do my best to keep up with all the helpful comments you send to me.

 So apparently honey_rivenwolf  has been scamming a lot of people, that there really is no Baby order, and...yeah. Wow. Just wow. Firstly, I want to let it be known that people have been sending orders in to baby and it has taken about 2 days for them to respond.

maetel9  is working on getting some justice done though. Still, I don't get the point of scamming people. It's not like it's going to go un-noticed, it doesn't make you 'cool', you're going to get legal action taken against you, and on top of that get shunned by the only people who like what you like.

Seriously, what good comes of this, again?
I always read about the group orders on egl  and ...Yeah I can't believe myself--I really shouldn't have jumped in on this.

I'm sure all the other people who have been scammed thing the same way.

If you don't know the full story, honey_rivenwolf  decided to host a baby order, a lot of people hopped on the bandwagon, and we were all told the delay was due to the international communications chick at Baby getting sick, so that they're backed up with orders.

This is probably why a lot of people are still waiting. Baby IS backed up on orders and their website states as such, however it has been a very long time.

honey_rivenwolf  supposedly sent the order to Baby January 15th [Only I have found that the email supposedly did not go out until January 27th].

maetel9  found the list of people involved in the baby order and has sent out emails to the people involved--asking for statements.

She has recieved a few replies [5 including mine] stating that these people have no idea what is happening with their money.

I'm not surprised. I got a comment from a fellow egl   member kamisbutterfly  asking what was going on, did I know if she had sent the order, etc. I stated my [at the time] firm belief that everything was going well, and that it was all due to a backup of orders.

This is no longer the case. kamisbutterfly  brought up an issue that I myself was having-- honey_rivenwolf   was supposedly unable to refund some of us, but yet was buying up hundreds of dollars worth of brand clothing on egl  . Her bank was supposedly 'restricting' the funds, because she had deposited such a large amount of money, and was not able to take it out. Everyone knows what a ridiculous claim this is, as a bank will sometimes restrict your money, but only for a maximum of 3 days [as far as I am informed.]

She seems to be a compulsive spender, in my opinion, and it made me more and more nervous every day that I did not know what was going on with baby, watching her spend so much money. Every post I seemed to look at she was buying off of. If she had all this money, why was she not able to refund me?

So I told her thank you for your business, I'm sorry, but I would like to retract my bit of the order, as it was the largest part and I had sent in the most money. I told her I would like a refund.

She has refunded me $400/503. It was with much waiting and hassling and difficulty that I got her to send out the first $400. Daily I had to ask her if she had done anything, and even as I was waiting for this money she was buying things. I have been awaiting the remaining $103 dollars ever since. She has stated multiple times that she has already sent it, but living in the same state, I know that it does not take more than a week for her letter to reach me, with the money, as mine only took a day.

All in all I'm extremely disappointed and frustrated and wish I had never done business with her. I have continued idly talking with her and being as polite as I can in the hopes of recieving my money. As I now know I won't be recieving it, I have no reason to keep pussyfooting around this matter.

I believe, but cannot say for sure, that I am the only one she has even partially refunded. koushi  was also involved, but backed out at the beginning because honey_rivenwolf  couldn't even provide her with a correct total. 

maetel9  concluded if each person spent about $200 then about $3,000 dollars is in honey_rivenwolf  's hands. I am writing this post as a reference to my personal experience and hope that anyone else involved in this order contacts both legal authorities, honey_rivenwolf  herself, and the moderators of egl  . Those involved in this group order include:

This is not including myself.

I can say I have now been thoroughly scared off of participating in a group order ever again. I no longer feel that placing trust in someone else's hands is a smart move on my decision. I have personally decided to only conduct business of this sort with somewhat local friends, whom are well known in the community, and whom I trust.

If you are in the process of doing business with honey_rivenwolf  I politely beg you to decline, or terminate whatever deal you have with her. I do not believe she is trustworthy, as having so many people's valuable money in your hands and making such immature decisions obviously confirms. I do not believe scamming someone as young as 13 years old merits responsibility or trust. It saddens me greatly to say all this. I do not say it without proof, either. If you have any questions, please come to myself or maetel9  who is also doing her best to get this resolved. honey_rivenwolf  has been banned from the wa_lolis  comm for her scamming and also uses the name lolitaprince  .

Hopefully this information benefits someone. 

EDIT: maetel9 has kindly offered some statements she has collected of other people who have done business with honey_rivenwolf. If you have any statements to add please feel free to do so and I will tack them onto this post.

saddest statement I've recieved yet: maetel9 : statement from the really young girl in the group order: statement: I'm young. Very. Infact, participating was against my better judgment because I knew I had to send a money order but he had had successful group orders before. And I realllyyy wanted that shirred Sleeping Beauty JSK. Really...really...badly. And a parasol. So I sent 330 dollars ASAP through the mail which I had saved up from my past birthday and christmas, the only time I can get money due to no job...because i'm 13. But I wanted BABY really bad so I sent it. And at first she said she 'lost' my email and I thought 'dealing with so many people...it could happen?' and I didn't think of it again. So after a few weeks, she said BABY was taking forever to respond. Upon reading memories, I figured out in group orders it took MAYBE a month to GET the items. I was really suspicious and then I had someone email me telling me it was a scam. Now I sit here crying my eyes out because I for once trusted someone and got lied to. Kills all the hope for the rest of the world and I can safely say I will no longer be doing group orders. killclosedrown: This was the first group order I had participated in. Too bad it ended up like this. So, since I have no experience in the matter how long is everyone waiting before taking action. And is there a particular plan I should follow, as far as reporting her to paypal or contacting the police.I sent her $266 exactly. I actually live less than an hour away from her. She offered to hand deliver my items to me because of that.

</a></font></b></a>x_azriel_x: Well she seemed pretty decent when it all started out, and then once the money was sent in she was super vague, didn't keep me updated, and I pretty much had to nag her to find out what was going on. After a period of time I just decided I really didn't want to be involved anymore because there was just too much information lacking, and everywhere I looked she seemed to be buying something. She'd IM me daily with 'look what I bought' and I even asked her 'Do you have the money for this?' Was even more distressed when someone else left a comment on my journal asking what was going on, with the same concerns--having seen her buy up hundreds of dollars worth of items on egl. I've been refunded $400 out of $503 dollars and she keeps saying she's already sent it.
The last $103 I mean. She said 'I'll send 400 of it and then the 103 in a couple days'. And I waited and waited more than a week passed, well over a week, and asked 'Did you send the 103?'. Nope, but she'd do it tomorrow. Been checking the mail every day for a while now and it's still not here. Even though it only took me… 1 day? To get the money to her? I'm pretty grateful for getting the 400 back really. Seriously, every day she'd say Something like that.'I bought this, I bought three of these, I spent x hundred dollars on this. Last I knew she was at least 2 grand in debt to some person for a shopping service

</a></font></b></a>zero_angel_eva: A while ago honey_rivenwolf organized a BABY group order and I have not heard from her since the begining. It been more then enough time for BABY to respond to the order and ship them out. I have a feeling that we are being scammed.

and there's another girl who is 13 and sent her a lot of money via Money Order and hasn't heard anything back about the order too

[info]nightquest1976: After no word for over a month, I sent an email to her a few days ago asking for my money back. She said that Baby still never responded to her and that she just couldn't cancel the order or she'd be blacklisted. I said that I waited long enough and would like my money back. After asking two more times over the past 2 days I finally got it back. I feel really lucky tho, I had no idea she was scamming everyone. Hope it gets resolved~*~

ALSO: Other business statements not regarding the BSSB order:
I sold her a meta bow 3 months ago, and mailed it out before I got payment because she desperately needed in time for a meet up. I still have not got the money, and shes told me she sent out money orders and has also tried to send it to me in paypal(!?!? never got any notice or anything through paypal). Ive bit my tongue as she posts her WTB's , and waited patiently for the money. I hope this all turns out OK

circle_of_ashes: I guess I might as well recount my "almost scam". *sigh*

</a></font></b></a>honey_rivenwolf had a skirt that she had bought from someone through </a></font></b></a>egl that she knew wasn't going to fit her. She offered it to me for $60. I said, "Sure!"; it was a great deal. this was ... October? November? I would ask every couple of weeks if she had gotten the skirt from the original seller; she would say that she hadn't, that the seller said it must have been lost in the mail, etc. Finally, in February, I got fed up with waiting. I asked for my money back and it took her about a week to finally refund me.

sac527: This makes so much sense.

She actually emailed me when I was looking for btssb earmuffs and said she was getting some through a personal shopper.

I sent her $50 two weeks ago, and through countless e-mails found out that her grandmother just died. (therefore, it'll take her longer to refund the money)

She hasn't refunded the money yet, and I haven't heard from her since.

averseofmelody: i banned her from commenting on my LJ, because she'd often jump onto anything that i put up for sale, make me invoice her, only to come back and say she doesn't have the funds for it. =____= 

rayna1: Oh shit, now I feel bad.

Here's what happened with me as the seller and she the buyer back in the beginning:

I think I was the first person she tried to buy from on the comm, a princess headdress. I think so back in October, because I remember she told me she had only two brand items at the time,so she was really happy. I agreed to hold it for her because she said she was trying to get funds into her bank account,and she spent WEEKS telling me she was still trying. I kept replying that it was okay, as long as the money came eventually. She eventually stopped emailing me about it, and I decided to just let it go. I later sold the headdress to someone else, luckily I hadn't already sent it out to her.

This led me to decide not to try to buy or sell to her, and she never did comment on any of my posts again. I'd see her buying all these things, then later making sales posts and I just assumed she had a job and that was how she could afford it all.

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