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Image request: F+F Pirate jacket owners! (plus an image)

I bought a FanplusFriend Pirate Pleat short jacket and received it in the mail, but I'm worried that it doesn't look right. I bought a custom size to my measurements... and it fits but... the lapels are funky.  I emailed the CSR and they don't seem to want to fix it.  So I'm stuck with it as it is, or else getting a refund.  Debating whether or not to return it, as I really need a jacket, and because of my petiteness I have limited other options.

1.  I want to ask the egl members what you think - does it look ok to you?

2.  For those of you who own this jacket, do you have any photos of yourself wearing it? I'd like to compare with what I got...

Fanplusfriend photos:
Elegant Goth Pirate

FYI: I am wearing the jacket with a replica blouse of an Atelier Boz original that I commissioned from F+F as well in the same order, but they gave me this instead.   It was supposed to have a skirted full hem but they changed that ... So that's why I have this long odd wedgie of a cockatiel tail in the back.  And the pants I'm wearing (not F+F) shrank in the wash :(

It came in the mail! But there's something weird about the lapels, they overlap a little much... And the fastening button is under a lapel, so I ended up having to fold the lower one to get it fastened.

Okay, I put it on and the sizing is right. Hooray!  I like the hourglass shape and nipped waist the cut of the jacket gives.
But does the lack of an inner lapel showing look ok?  It seems kind of weird to me...
I don't know what the original looked like that this was copied off of.

I tied it and it's pretty comfortable.

I attempted to fix the lapels by just putting on the belt without buttoning it.
I think it looks more piratey and more symmetrical with two lapels showing.
But there's a lot of rippling and junk in the back that looks unkempt.  (The nautical look should be well tailored and smart looking.) Because spreading it increased the waist size up another four inches and I think the bust size is much bigger as well.

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