Evie (_ensorcelled_) wrote in egl,

Loli at School...

So ever since I bought my first pieces, I've been considering wearing them to school. I have some doubts though....

I'm not worried that I'll be ridiculed, but I'm worried about my pretty clothes. I don't want them to get dirty, stained, smushed or otherwise mutilated, yet at the same time, I'd really like to wear them.

So for those of you who wear your loli clothes to school or any other place where harm might come to them, do you take any special measures to ensure that they stay clean and nice?

Certain things I worry about -

-petti getting smushed and lopsided after sitting on it in classes for long amounts of time
-food or other subtances getting on them - particularly when walking through smelly nasty freshman hall
-clothes getting wrinkled/petti deflating while in PE locker

Any help or solutions to these problems are appreciated! <3
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