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Picture request/Question about the Red Ridding hood series from Baby

Hey there everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has seen people in the Antique White or black Jumper/OP from Baby's Red Ridding Hood Series?
I know that a few people have the red and pink one. But I was wondering if anyone has the Antique White or Black one. If you do, is there any picture of you in it? :3 I would like to see if you do. Since I am in love with both of these colours.

Do you think it would be okay to wear the Black jumper with this cardigan?

I was wondering because the red ridding hood girl on the Black Jumper is Red and the one on the cardigan is pink. Do you think it would look ok or would it be too different? :( I really can't tell so I was wondering if you guys would help me out on this one. I will most likely wear the cardigan closed if that makes any difference.
So if you guys could help me out with this one, I would really appreciate it. :3

Thank you and have a great day!

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