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Vintage poodle series!

Yay I'm so happy, after I thought that there were no reservation spaces left on Meta's vintage poodle series, they got me a place and I bought mine today ^_^ anbody else ordered theirs yet? AND they let me have the matching pink headress even though the resevation site said it was sold out!

Anyway, the point of this post was to say that for all of you who missed out on this line, I got the new Gothic Lolita Punk mook yesterday and it appears that Baby will be bringing out a pretty similar and possibly even more frilly (oh noes!) poodle line soon!EDIT: no they aren't I'm just seeing poodles where there are no poodles!!

(btw if anyone wants me to scan in some of the images from the mook then i can, although there is only one small pic of the poodle print, but there are some larger images of some of baby's new pattern designs)

EDIT: I didn't have much time, but until i can upload more from the mook, here are the (not) poodle dress and one of the other pages! ^_^

this is a close up of the poodle print, as i said, it may have already been released but i'm not sure.

and look! there's a poodle parasol too! (i'm so getting one!)
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