pixelatedtrash (pixelatedtrash) wrote in egl,


I wanted to get a replica of the new tartan skirt in the starlight *picture here* has for sale and possibly a cute little bolero or caplet to match. I have some diffrent trim I like though, and I'd like a detable bow at the back.

I would also like a jsk like this one in another tartan fabric that I have.*Image here*.

I already have the tartan fabrics I need for both that I found some time ago, and taking that into mind can I get a quote off anyone for these items? *EDIT: I'm willing to pay for them- please stop assuming that I want your labour for nothing! ^_^;; *

I would prefer an local seamstress (Melbourne, Australia) so I dont have to worry about shipping and can work out payment easier, plus I've seen some people around here wearing lovely hand made things. Thanks all~

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