shirouzu_ko (shirouzu_ko) wrote in egl,

My mistake is your gain! - skirt+bow set auction

Hello~ all my friends

yesterday, i made this skirt and bow, as a set, to sell at my website {PEARL}. BUT, in some confusion, made it too small to look like i wanted it too. it still looks nice, imo, but it's not so full you can fit a full petti under - SO, instead of selling it on my site, i've decided to auction it off.


and to show the nonfullnesss of the skirt... it's more 'demure' this way, no?

color - winter white/eggshell --> a light off white
size - 30in MAX. this is what i am, and in the pics, it's pretty narrow. for a full effect, you'd have to be a little girl ^^;;; but in some ways, the narowness is nice - just not what i wanted to sell in my store
bow: same lace and fabric as skirt~ comb atatched
skirt is lined with same fabric, so it's not see-through~

PRICE: since it's an auction, i decided to start the price off at [what i paid for materials + ONE hour work] it took me over 4 hours to make both... so it's a deal~

BIN PRICE - $40.00 <-- price i was going to sell for in store~

SHIPPING - sorry, but this auction is for US residents only, to keep it simple. add $8.10 to final price for priority shipping~

thank you so much for looking~
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