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Another Meet up... Another picture post...

We had a very impromptu get together yesterday, so... picture time!
(Apologies ahead of time for some of the blurryness in the pictures, my shutter speed was set really slow. But it made for some great pictures later on at the bowling alley! .^_^.)

We made last minute reservations at Englund's Tea Cottage in the middle of nowhere Clayton. It had the usual gaudy victorian over-the-topness, but it was a very nice place and I think we will be back. It was run by a husband and wife who were very nice and attentive.

The food was very yummy!

We were the only ones in for tea that afternoon.

"I see you!"

"No, I see youuuuuuuu!!!"

The setup was a little weird, it was a store in front and tea tables to the side.

We had cute teapot stands with tea candles inside to keep the pots warm. Wait... is that why they are called TEA candles?

Great attention to details! The check came in an old copy of Pride and Prejudice (with no weird bible stuff like last time), and the credit card receipts came on a silver tray with feathered pens.

In lieu of whipped cream shots...

Stella butt, Stella bustle.

Every meet up...

The place was very cute

And then these two got in the way... (just kidding!)

Its called the Englund Tea COTTAGE, but as you can tell its not much of a cottage.

It was either raining cupcakes, or Stella posing like a fountain statue.

I... don't ask.

Yes, me, Meta sailor JSK. again.

Jen, back in black! (ha ha)

Ashley, visiting from the other side of the bay.

I fail at capturing Stella being normal.

Surprisingly, the timer pictures came out ok.

But we did try a bunch of times, and every time somebody's camera wouldn't go off.

Rinda Rinda!

Blue lolitas!

And then we bowled...
We actually stopped at walgreens to buy socks to put over our socks. Cuz a $30 pair of socks shouldn't go in a stinky bowling shoe!

This reminds me of the cabbage picture.

We though we could bowl...

But we really did suck.

The cheering section.

The obligatory shoe shot.

"If I only had a brain..."

Did I mention we sucked? I got the lowest score .^_^.

Stella drinking a Stella, go figure.

Bonus puppy shots!

We are starting a League. Seriously.

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