kimmm (xbiteyourtongue) wrote in egl,

Possible Rose Chocolat group order?

How’s it going, guys?

I decided to ask around and see if anyone wanted to join my order for Rose Chocolat. I didn’t want to pay $120+ for a pair of shoes. x:

At any rate, I’m looking for four other people to join me. (Including myself, which would make five and thus splitting shipping is easy because I’m lazy. :D)

So, basically, you would be paying for your item, a portion of the shipping price (which is $25 flat, which means you’d be paying $5), and then shipping from me to you. (item + part of shipping price + shipping from me to you)

You can order anything from the site, though please limit yourselves to one item unless they’re something small/light. (Two or a dozen pair of shoes would be too heavy/pricey for me to ship and you might as well have done your own order. xD) Once you join, you cannot back out.

I can accept CC and non-CC PayPal (but there is a 2.9% fee so please make the according calculations. You can refer to this calculator). I would prefer no pending payments because I’m an impatient person and I think shipping from Rose Chocolat takes awhile as it is. (According to a few reviews I’ve looked at, it looks like it could take a month or two, give or take. >>;)
Oh, I also have feedback on eBay under this username (xbiteyourtongue) and a point in the loligoth_dbs.

So anyone interested? Questions? Comments?

I'm hoping to get this order in sometime around the end of the week. Possibly Friday/Saturday.

[EDIT 2]
¬¬ I'm not allowed to send things overseas. I'm sorry, international people. D;

2 slots taken.
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