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2/19/07 Impromptu Lolita Gathering

Bay Area Lolita Gathering @ Englunds Tea Cottage

Oh yes...tea again >_>

We had a very impromtu...(as in planned in one day lolita in I got a call at 1pm and we had a gathering at 3:30 pm x__x) today in Clayton ^^! It was quite a nice meal =) So here are my photos from today =)
P.S. some of these may not be considered totally lolita in etiquette ;p

Here we are snapping away at Englunds ^^;

We took a few photos before our organizer arrived-Pawtee ^^!
Then we began the tea ^^! Englunds was an interested location for tea however from all the tea's we have had up here I have to say I think their food presentation and taste is the best ^^! The staff was also very nice and they welcomed us ^^!

This is the Royal Afternoon Tea

The green tray is the Royal Tea for one!

Adn this was part of my sweet tea ^^! I love sweets =)

The tea came on their own cute candle lite warmers ^^! I got Carmel Orange Coconut tea which was delicious ^^ I am sure someone wil post pictures of the tea pots later =)

us enjoying the can't see the picture of me with a drawn on moustache on Miffy's camera -_-;;;

Lynda enjoying her flower shaped sandwich!
What a cutie ^o^!

Then we paid our bill :3 how fancy!

and left

And took some lovely elegant photos outside ^^


...I said ELEGANT Miffy >_>

ohhh.not quite....

Deedlelu looking cute as usual!

Venus_ivy in cute IW VM: Beth^^!

and the two of them together ^^

Pawtee having fun in the sun!

..uh oh..miffy is at it again! every meet up! maybe she just has a thing for bloomers....

oops I messed up on the auto timer!

a bit better.... okay who has the better pictures!?!? ;-;

Anyways after forever of crazy picture taking we couldn't decide what to do...

and when we did...




Lolita Bowling xD!

And yes we can strike xD

miffy going in for the kill
Our High scorer!

victory pose/glory shot ;p missing quite a few obnoxious pictures here...

Shoe Shot xD

And then we ended the night

with some drinks =P

The End.

Hope you enjoyed my semi-story/recap of my day ;p

now everyone else who went post your pics ;p
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