Shu (xmidarex) wrote in egl,

Prices negotiable, feel free to make an offer.

Shirley Temple bag SOLD

GLP skirt SOLD

----Older non-brand items, prices lowered and still negotiable!----

.+ When worn +.

XS Punk jacket. Ignore the guitar ><;; The jacket doesn't come with the chain that's in the picture (around my neck).

Measurements: I wouldn't recommend this for anything more than a 33in bust.
Price: $30 $28

K-star short-sleeved blouse SOLD

BxR blouse SOLD

Blue aristocrat blouse bought from Valleygirl. It has been worn a few times but is in excellent condition. I think it would be quite suitable for aristocrat or even punk.

Measurements: Bust- up to 35in
Price: $6 Make me an offer!

Items are shipped from Singapore, I accept Paypal (e-checks okay) only.

Thanks for looking!

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