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A while back, I promised a tutorial on semi-barrel curls...I finally, finally got around to doing it. I'll post it here, and feel free to add to memories!

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Step 1: Gather all the supplies! For this, you'll need Plenty of bobby pins, a fairly full bottle of styling(not volumizing) mousse, extra strength hairspray, some sort of pick or comb to divide your hair into pigtails (bobby pins will suffice), and pony tail holders. Now, wash your hair and let it air dry until it's a bit damp.

Step 2: You'll need to divide your hair into pigtails and tie them back. I know, it's hard to tell in the picture, but notice that they're on the side of my head. You'll need to sleep with the hair style over night, so make sure that the pigtails are far enough over that you can get a restful sleep.

Step 3: Take 1" wide(pretty much flat, though) portions of you hair and, after rubbing in a palm full of mousse, roll them back(upward) over your fingers, making sure that they are smooth. Pin the roll to your head. Repeat until all of the hair is rolled up in a fashion simular to an updo. Repeat on the other side. Spray with enough hairspray to coat it in a sheen...yes...that much unless your hair isn't stubborn.




Step 4: This step is optional. I find that tieing a bandanda over your hair makes it easier to sleep in and less likely to be damaged if you tend to roll around in your sleep. <3 Tigons.

Step 5: Because my hair is thick, I can sleep overnight with it damp and the back will still be damp in the morning. I find that this method works much, much better if one sleeps over night with it, but I would say, style it at least five hours before you plan on wearing it. Whenever you're ready for the curls, gently remove the bobby pins(try to disturb the rest of your hair) and let the curls fall.

Sometimes a section may not take a curl because it was slept on strangely, it's still wet, or there wasn't enough mousse. To remedy, simply take the sectuion and wrap it around the ponytail holder until you're satisfied and it's the same length; pin it into place with a leftover bobby pin.

Picture 2:

I know that my hair is as stubborn as I am, and so it normally takes no curl, nor will it stay straight longer than thirty minutes. With this method, it lasts about eight hours, twelve if I'm not stressed.

I hope this method helps, and feel free to modify and play around with it.

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