Noella (devinelove1616) wrote in egl,


I got the F+F Crown Mary janes shoes!!!

wow! these shoes are pretty much REALLY cute! 8D mine are a size 7 US if I remember right! Any questions? feel free to ask me! ^-^= okay! picture time!

When worn. the colors kind of weird. my socks look odd. haha

not worn. one with and one without the pearls.

From the cute front! the crown part isn't hard or anything! so no pain there! ^-^

the back

side veiw

worn without pearls

Bottoms. those are not scratches, they’re marks from F+F. ^^;;

the pearls detached.

being worn.

oopsies! bloomers shot! :O

and now, it's me! with mess jewelry, less makeup, and more coordinated! except for the hair bow I forgot >> oopsies! makeup is light foundation, light blush, mascara, thin liquid eyeliner only on to lid, and light brown eye shadow. ^--^ better? I've been doing my makeup like this lately.

just cute and happy! I’m making the best I can of the Stuff I have until I get money to get that new outfit you all helped me pick!

Sleepy! *w*

oh nose! indecent~! @.@ the new petticoat I got from Idustrialkitty (sorry! I've seen them modeled like this so I thought I'd try! I'll remove if inappropriate!)

Blommers from Industrialkittty. I'm I wearing them right?

better makeup? ^----^=

okay! any more pictures needed? just ask! any Questions about the shoes? haha feel free to ask!

and I've decided on getting the F+F Ruffle skirt with the with blouse! so when I have my money again, I'll get those! ^---^

EDIT:fixed the petticoat and bloomers pictures! sorry! ^^;;
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