NAOSAURUS REX (rayna1) wrote in egl,

DS:mini top hat, bunny,star,cherry,and fan buttons, and loliable stickers

okay so I was packing my things because I will move soon, and found some things I never used.

mini top hat-SOLD

I originally bought this from a stand at anime expo 2006. It has a ribbon to tie it on with and a layer of tulle attached to it.
$18 shipped

Loliable stickers

There are three different designs, and I currently have one sheet of each. The one on the left has bows,stars,butterflies,musical notes,dots,hearts,diamonds,clubs, and spades. The middle one has a lot of hearts, some dots,roses, and hearts within a bigger heart. The one on the right has dots, hearts, diamonds,crosses,crowns,bows, and stars.
$3.00 shipped each, or $8 for all three.

The buttons

I have:
3 cards of star buttons (1 card has 3 buttons each)-$3 each shipped or $8 for all three
pack of cherry buttons-$2.50 shipped
white rabbit buttons-1 card of 3 buttons-$2 shipped
Fan button-$1.75 shipped
Large cross charm-$2.50 shipped
Small cross charm-$1.50 shipped

and more buttons because I couldn't fit them all in:

1 pack of 4 blue bunny buttons-$2 shipped SOLD,PAYMENT PENDING
gold heart zipper pull-$2 shipped
clasp-$2.50 shipped (it's heavier)

I have feedback here:

I accept paypal! My paypal addy
Please give your username and items upon payment =P

Thanks for looking!
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