Sofia Violet Emilie Blackthorne (sofiaviolet) wrote in egl,
Sofia Violet Emilie Blackthorne

Metamorphose group order

I am running a group order from Metamorphose. I would like to make the order on Friday, 16 February. I would, however, be willing to push this back if people want that.

I have feedback on, under sofiaviolet. I am located in the United States but I will ship items to anywhere. I am willing to coordinate as many people's orders as are interested. I am not, however, willing to order parasols, because I have no idea how to ship them.

Since I will be ordering some things for myself, I will pay part of the shipping from Metamorphose to me. I am only asking for the cost of the items upfront; I will put up the money for the initial shipping cost. When I receive the order, I will request the cost of shipping from me to you, and a fraction of the original shipping.

If an item is not in stock when I make the order, by default I will refund your money for that item. If, should your desired item be out of stock, you would like me to order another item of equal or lesser value, please let me know. I would be happy to do so.

Again, I want to make this order on Friday, 16 February and would need payment for your items by then.

If you are interested, you can either comment here or email me at I will need to know what item(s) you want, a Paypal email address to which I can send an invoice, and whether you will be using a credit card through Paypal (I accept every kind of Paypal, but I have a separate account for credit card transactions to avoid fees on non-credit card transactions).
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