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Last week my commissioned dress from Simone (kawaii_mon) showed up and I fell in love. I waited to take pictures of it because I have shoes that are on the way, but I had the house to myself this morning and I'm impatient so I took a few crappy photos xP

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fooling around x3

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Simone also asked me to do a review of her work and I'm more than happy to ^^ As you can see the dress came out lovely. Its constructed very well and fits wonderfully. Its the first dress that I've commissioned that actually sits at my waist and falls to my knees, so I'm incredibly happy with it. The lace is all hand dyed and Simone was even kind enough to check with me on the color, offering to strip it and retry if I didn't like it. She was with me every step of the way, asking how I wanted the bows, sending me pictures. She even put up with my procrastination of sending her the fabric and still got me the dress by the date I had asked. I'm incredibly pleased that I went with her. ^^

Moving on, a while ago I noticed a small theme of people and their pets (or maybe I was imagining it, who knows xP) so I wanted to share my puppies

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Me and my beagle/husky/australian cattle dog mix Buddy

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My pug Teddy wearing the only peice of brand I own xD

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Okay, I'm done taking up your valuable time, I swear ♥
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