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I just got this in the mail today which I purchased from another member on EGL. I've been anticipating this so much but recieved it today and it just doesn't look right on me - can't really pin point why >_<; I'm so disappointed as I love Naoto <3 So, I'm offering it back up for sale to get the money back I paid or would be willing to trade/partially trade for something else by Naoto or Suppurates System. I'm mainly looking at accessories since there isn't many tops by Naoto that will accomodate to my bust..show me what you have anyway..as my wishlists are too long ^^;

For a direct sale I'd like to get what I paid back which is $75/£39. I've taken a pic of the label and it's a really gorgeous ruffle scarf with print in grey of flowers & crosses. It's soft and there are no signs of wear, I personally only tried it on.

For a trade/partial trade..as I stated above interested in Naoto or Suppurates items really. For a trade since I'm extremely paranoid..I would like proof of postage so I know it's actually been sent. I'm not sure exactly how a trade would work since I've never done one before..so advice is appreciated for this novice ^^;

If you want like..feedback to show I'm a good seller I can show you feedback from Ebay and other selling comms I belong to ^_^

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