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New Ling Mao Design - Cashmere Coat!

Hi again!

I have a new design for a cashmere winter coat - by Jessie Smith!

Description: button up coat, with princess seams, a round collar, two pockets at the front, three removable bows up the front of the bodice and the main material pleated around the collar, sleeves and hem. The back is simply plain.

Materials will be cashmere and WILL BE CUSTOM MADE TO YOUR SIZE! Lining will be a silk/polyester blend and will either match the outer color or you can request a custom color (depending on availability). We have 5 color options available - 2 varieties of brown plaid, chocolate brown, charcoal gray and black. Other colors may be available, but we will have to check. Note: If you are bigger than about an XXL(approx US20), please note the cost may be higher due to using more fabrics.
Cost: $200 USD

Please click here to see an EXAMPLE of the tailor's work and some color samples!
We may be able to have a wool version available if requested, but our tailor works mainly with cashmere and that's what he has more stock of. Shipping costs would be approx $32.50 with EMS to almost anywhere, but weight will not be determined after the sample is made.
Sample should be available next week, but if you are interested, I'd like to make a mailing list to show to the sample in addition to here since posts tend to get buried. So please email me at kmalazdrewicz [at] gmail [dot] com to be added. If you aren't interested in the coat but would like to receive any email updates about the upcoming Ling Mao line, then please send an email!

And a note to those who are allergic to wool products - we are working on a design for a corduroy spring jacket!

Is anyone interested in lolita pajamas/sleepwear?
Is anyone interested in sailor style lolita? I personally love it and would love to see it in my line, just wondering how many others are!
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