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Clothing Help?

I really hope this is allowed. If not, feel free to deleate it.

I have been curious about the loli style, and a friend of mine suggested that I try a Punk Loli style, because I don't think I can quite pull off a more 'girly' loli style.

Well, our budget isn't quite as loose as I would like it, but I would still like to have some spiffy clothes. Ordering clothes online is not an option due to budget constraints (as well as the fact my parents just don't trust it for some strange reason, and they're currently in charge of all my purchases), so I would like to know if there are any places I could just buy clothing that would work for a reasonable price.
I've seen some stuff at Claire's that could work accessory-wise, and some things at Hot Topic that could work clothing wise. However, I'd like to get a little more creative, especially with clothing, as Hot Topic is a little pricy. I've heard that The GAP could actually have some shirts that could work.

So just any suggestions would be nice. Somewhere relativly reasonably priced, and that has a variety of sizes and accessories. I live in Southern California, so any local 'specialty' shops would be great as well!
Also, it would be great if I could get some hair suggestions as well.

Any help would be great! I'm hoping to start hoarding clothing/accessories now, so that once I get into college I can have a fresh, new start clothing-wise :3
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