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So, I lost that auction (the one with the cream dress that could be altered to pass as lolita). ;_;
Being an extremely-low-budget lolita (I am TRYING to get a job, but do they call me back?) I have a few questions for finding stuff that can be magically transformed into lolita.

Question 1: What are some good search terms for loliable items? So far I've found "circle skirt" and "sun dress" turn up some good things sometimes.

Question 2: I KNOW, I know... I made a horrible first impression on all of you with my first post asking about square dance dresses. However, in my "circle skirt" search, I found a square dance skirt that looks pretty loliable. My question is NOT "are all square dance skirts okay" because obviously they aren't. My question is, if I find a square dance skirt of reasonable quality, sans petticoat, would it work over a lolita petticoat?

Hard to tell, but that lace looks pretty decent. My resolution is pretty high though, so everything looks tiny. But that, with a bow attached to it, I think could look pretty cute.

That auction doesn't come with the petticoat.

So... yes. Forgive me if I've violated the rules, lol. There's something about me that loves just finding so-so and random things for less money, fiddling with them, and making them awesome. XD

PS I don't know anything about sewing, so at least for now, I like finding already-made things and making them awesome however I can. ^_^
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