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Looking for Official Images

I'm looking for the official images off the websites of the following items. I hope someone has them saved somewhere! I tried using, but none of the images are still on the server, so they just show up broken. x_x

This dress by Angelic Pretty in the blue floral. I'm also looking for the official images of the matching headdress, also in the blue floral. This picture is really tiny and really crappy, but the only one I could pull from the website.

These emblem socks, in the blue, by Angelic Pretty.

This is a better view of the dress I'm looking for the official pictures of.

And this is the matching headdress~ This is a really crappy picture, but the best view of the headdress. Most of these pictures of me that I'm using are crappy pictures that happen to have nice views of the items I'm looking for the official pictures of.

And a close-up of the emblem socks I'm talking about.

This jumperskirt by Metamorphose. I have this frontal image, but I'm pretty sure there was at least a back view, if not some kind of alternative view or detail close-up.

This blouse by Angelic Pretty. It is the same blouse that osakaneko_sales is selling in pink, but I'm looking for the official pictures of the white blouse. Her sales post for the blouse has better detailed images of the blouse if it's hard to see in that picture.

This apron by BABY, the Stars Shine Bright. My father purchased it a few months ago at the Kinokuniya Bookstore in New York City, but I've never seen it on the website.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! n_n Thank you~!
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