Steph (skwerlie) wrote in egl,

Rose Chocolat custom sized orders

Sorry if this has been discussed, I couldn't find anything using the search feature aside from a few general comments about the shop itself.

But has anyone had any experience with ordering the custom larger sized shoes from Rose Chocolat? Specifically, since you have to order 3 shoes or more, and they have A and B styles... I assume that means you can order any three A shoes in custom sizes... but the little list at the bottom of the page only has a few styles even though styles not on the list still say A or B type. Do those still count toward the three pairs?

How is their custom sizing? Do their custom sizes match up pretty well to what you thought they would be like? Are they comfy? Do they look the same as the website examples/are they comparable to the smaller sized shoes of the same styl? Etc... I have size 10/11 feet so the idea of a custom made shoe is very tempting, however I don't really want to spend the money on three pairs at once without knowing what I'm getting into.

Thanks to anyone who has any info on this! : )
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