Elizabeth (neko_oni) wrote in egl,

Baby, is that a leather dress?

There was rumblings about Meta and leather months back. But what if Baby had used leather to make a dress? Would you still buy it?

***Post edited after pointing out that this dress was not leather, but just a horrid fabric. D: But in the pics it looks like Baby leather~ :D But here is a picture from Kera and the dress looks lovely.

The front.
The back.
Teh sleeve. Oh la la~
And even an underskirt~

It's gonna go for 36,540 Yen. It'll be available in whiteXwhite lace. BlackXblack. And pinkXoff white lace. (tentatively)

And if it was leather, the prices would probably be more like Meta's wedding series. D:

So would you buy a frilly leather dress? From Baby? Or maybe from another brand you would be more expecting of?

And also Alice and the Pirates looks like it'll be having a new skirt come out --with a new print!!! :D

Teh front.
And the neato new print~

So hopefully this means a bunch of new print stuff. Specially dresses!

Oh, this is the blog I got the info from. The Baby Mito blog is awesome because they seem to update a lot. *^_^*

So whaddya think?
Tags: *baby the stars shine bright
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