¯\(º_o)/¯ (mad_tollbooth) wrote in egl,

2 things . . .

1) ugly_kitties would like to know if there are any lolitas in D.C. (she's pretty much w/o internet right now so that's why I'm posting for her in case you were wondering)

EDIT: She wants to know b/c she's going to be in D.C. over St. Paddy's Day weekend

2) If anyone here was on the subway in NYC & saw me, I'd love to know who you are! I was on the 1 going uptown yesterday when a girl getting off @ 42nd St. came up to me (me not paying attention much at first) and asked if I was a shiro-lolita (which I was but it caught me off guard since most of my outfit was covered up & I wasn't expecting it anyway). I looked up & I think I may have looked a little confused b/c I wasn't sure if I heard right & then she asked simply if I was a lolita. I nodded & I said "uh huh!" but before I could talk to her anymore she was already hurrying off the train as that was her stop. So if whoever that was is on here, you completely made my day & I'd love to know who you are!
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