pixelatedtrash (pixelatedtrash) wrote in egl,

Shoe sale

While out partying last night I met a lovely transvestite who runs exoticfootwear.com. I was looking through the clearance stuff when I got home and found a few shoes I think you guys might like. They are hella cheap and considering they are cheap in Australian dollars that makes it cheaper for pretty much everyone else. I think he said he was mainly over stocked with size 8's and 9's as well as really larger sized shoes, but if you like any of the shoes tell me and I can call him and ask him if he has your size.

5" tform Mary Jane by Demonia

3.5" Triple Strap Mary Jane by Demonia

2" Heel Shoe w/Strap (looks kinda school girl shoeish

White 6" Heel Pointed Toe Platform Pump

Cute 2" Shoe w/Kitty

4.5" Block Heel Lace Up Shoe in Black/White Pinstripe.

Demonia 4.5" Mary Jane Pump with Unique Square Heel

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