Minda (mindaroth) wrote in egl,

Going into Tokyo tomorrow...

For anyone who wanted something from the winter lines of gothic lolita clothing, now is a good time. A lot of the stores are having big end of the year sales. (getting rid of left over stock)

aurorajasmine and I are going into Tokyo tomorrow morning, and as long as you can paypal her the money by the time we get there, she can pick up whatever you need. We'll likely be stopping both in Shinjuku and Harajuku, which covers MOST of the stores, and she'll probably drag me to Baby in Daikanyama too.

Feel free to email her for information. She has a really great credit card, so her comission rates are lower than most other shopping services.


You can also contact either her, or me by AIM at
rora2282 or Mindaroth
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