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Serena Skylark

DS Lots of items for Punk lolita,, Accesories by Hello Kitty and others!!

I have some bills to pay so I am letting go of some of my prized possesions to pay for my bills. Please help me out and buy something from me!

Rules of Sales:
1.PAYPAL ONLY. I can take Credit or Non Credit Paypal
2. Must pay within 24 hours of agreement to buy
3.No holds.
4.NO TRADES, I need the money

2.Deconstructed White Tights:
These would be great with any h.NAOTO outfit or any punk outfit. I have only worn these once and washed them afterwards. I have no idea what the brand is on this one.

Price: $15.00 and includes shipping to US

3.Black and Grey striped tights:
These are tights that go very high for me, so I can't use them. I am 4'11" and so I would recomend them for anyone 5'3" and over. Please remember that these are TIGHTS and not socks. Only tried them on once.

Price: $10.00 and includes shipping to the US

5.Hello Kitty Scarf:
A very nice hello kitty print scarf. The material is warm and soft so it's still good for the winter season and the upcoming fall season. In a baby blue colour base. It's a really cute item.

Price: $10.00 and includes shipping to the US

8.Hello kitty music note coin pouch:
This is a cute hello kitty coin purse and it has a cute music not on it. I used this to house all my buttons and badges in. So you can put small stuff in it. But of course you can use it to hold moneys.

Price: $8.00 and includes shipping in the US


1.Hello kitty plush with coat:
This is a older hello kitty doll in my collection. It does have some discolouration on one of its boots. But looks nice still. Just like a Winter loli in all pink. Such a cutie.

Offers of $8.50 and up will be concidered.

2.Tripp NYC Fake Fur Bag:
A cute fake fur bag with a chain as the shoulder strap. Really cool for the punk look. It can hold only nececities so it's not really that big. Wallet and cellphone and probably glasses case.

Offers of $12.00 and up will be concidered.

3.Hello Kitty red fluff bag:
Really cute bag with fake white fur trim. It's so cute. Red colour bag is so hard to find. Super cute and has a button clasp to keep it close. It fits about the same amount of stuff as the above listed bag.

Offers of $14.00 and up will be concidered.

4.Start sewing dress or accesories set:
This pack was put together by me. The fabric is Pink Gingaham Check and would look great for the spring season. There is about 3 yards of it. There is enough things here to make a skirt or some nice accesories.

Offers of $15.00 and up will be concidered.

If you have questions please ask. Only Serious buyers with paypal only!

Thank you!

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