Renee (moo) (stringy_cow) wrote in egl,
Renee (moo)

For Trade: AP White Blouse

Hello, I want to trade this AP blouse. It's really gorgeous and has tons of lovely details, but I really prefer to have a white blouse with a collar under my jsk. So right now I don't really wear this.

Right now the top two things I'm looking to trade this for are, [1]a nice, white brand petticoat (If you have a non-brand petticoat, I'd like to see it too! But making a partial trade.), [2]white blouse with a collar preferably w/ removable sleeves!
[3]I'll also consider (partial trade on my part?) for a blue jsk like this one. (a small pattern is fine, and in fact I love polka dots!)

Now for the blouse. It's from AP. I bought it off an EGL user sometime last year. It was in excellent condition when I got it and is still in such condition as I have only worn it once and just tried it on other times. When I bought it, I paid $120 for it. This blouse is very comfortable fabric. And the neckline and sleeves have very soft, stretchy elastic. The sleeves remove with buttons. There are ribbon details on three places on the bell sleeves just like the ones on the front of the blouse.

bust: max is probably about 35-37 in. I wouldn't go any higher because the buttons would start to make your blouse pop open (you know how that happens!)
waist: 27 ~ 30 in.

The lighting makes it hard to see the front details.

This is a close up of the front pintucks, lace and ribbon details. The ribbon ties up over the buttons.

There is shirring in the back and lacing. You can use the lacing to make the blouse smaller.

Thank you for looking!
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