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lauren ♥ dearie-love

[DS?] Black Peace Now For Men

Hello, all,

I received my boyfriend's Black Peace Now For Men lucky pack in the mail today and lo & behold, it doesn't fit him!

So much for a Birthday gift. T_T;;

Now, I'm honestly stressed and unsure what to do with this pack and/or if there's even a market for it. It cost a fortune to purchase this pack off of Y!J and about $50 to get the thing shipped here via EMS because it's HUGE & HEAVY. The bag it came in even has a zippered closure and is made of nylon. It's so much heavier than either the Beth, BABY, or Angelic Pretty lucky packs (x2) that I've purchased lately.

It comes with 4 pieces, though I don't have photos up for it yet:
1. Long Pants
2. Long Pants
2. Shirt
4. Sweater

The entire pack itself cost me $248.50 USD + ~$50 USD shipping via EMS (it was actually $73 in combo w/ my light AP pack), so I'd probably be asking for that exact amount plus appropriate shipping to send it to you.

[EDIT] This set may include the coat if I can't get the thing tailored. (Honestly, I am thinking that it can't be tailored). But then I'd be asking for $315 to cover the entire costs of a lucky pack + extra part of another pack because, like I said, it was a fortune to ship. PLUS YOU ARE GETTING 5 ITEMS!!! I add up all the retail tag prices and it's over 100,000 yen! No joke!

I figure there's probably someone else here who wants to dress up their boyfriend in brand clothing. (I sure did).

Is anyone interested?

- Lauren

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