Shu (xmidarex) wrote in egl,


I have a cutsew for direct sale or trade here!

Measurements: Bust - max. 38in (may stretch more) though you should be a minimum of 33/34in to look good in this (I'm a 32in and it's too loose, in a bad way, on me).

I would prefer to trade this (whether partial or full), there's no specific item I'm looking for, though preferably brand. I will look at most items, okay with any colors, so show me what you have ^^
Here's some ideas as to what I like (of similar value to this):
-Putumayo tank tops
-Other relatively simple/casual brand cutsew (or anything of good quality and cute, really)
-Brand headdresses (round type, not too fancy, in WxW or BxW)
-Brand socks? (for partial trade)
-or accessories.

My measurements are 32-24-33.

If nobody wants to trade however, I will sell this for $40, price negotiable. Shipping to the U.S and U.K is $7, and includes a tracking number. It will take about 9~12 days.

I have a bit of feedback on loligoth_dbs.

Thank you for looking!

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