razzymelon (ex_razzymelo838) wrote in egl,

I'm quitting brand lolita. I have quite a few bills to pay these upcoming months(computer broke, vehicle broke, and need to buy new cellphone/plan ;_;)

Was offered a buy it now price by a buyer, seeing as no one was able to bid. I apologise. :\

So! I have a pink Baby parfait skirt for auction. These skirts are rare and I paid quite a bit to get my hands on this one, so please don't try to ask me to lower the price. :\

The rules of the auction are that it will run 24~ hours. It'll end at 11am Central tommorow. I'll confirm each bid made, but it might take me a few hours since I am computerless at the moment. I'll try to check every few hours. Please include your email with your bid in case of problems.

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Picture of me looking silly so you know I actually HAVE the skirt. The blouse will be included for free if the auction goes over $175.

Waist: 25-27"
Length: 21"
Starting Bid: $125

Shipping is included in the U.S. and an additional $10 internationally. ^_^

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Meta Jumpsuit!
Pretty much freesize. Asking $165 shipped in U.S. (+$10 for international)

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