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Winter/Spring Wholesale FanPlusFriend Group Order

Last Update: February 7, 2007 4:17PM
Order Due Date: February 7, 2007 12:00 AM Central

*** Order Canceled ****

Hello Fellow Gothic Lolitas!

I'm a wholesaler, and I wish to extend my prices to you.
The store i'm a wholesaler to is FanPlusFriend. Of course, I've heard of many great things about this group. One plus is they do custom sizing, so I can order wholesale in custom sizing also! The best thing, they don't charge extra for it! Because of these benefits, I want to extend my to wholesale prices to you.
Here are the details:
~Wholesale extends to the products on the site http://www.fanplusfriend.com and http://www.fan-store.net EXCEPT: Accessories such as Jewelry , Shoes, Bags, Hat, Hairdress, bow tie, Necktie, Choker, Underskirt, Bloomers, Emblem, and detachable parts of a costume and eBay auctions. (This includes accessories that require an additional costs)
For example:
http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-53/Cyber-Punk--fdsh-Lolita-Rock/Detail The tie, sleeve emblem and hat aren't included in the wholesale offer.

This does include: Outfits, Coats, Jackets, Blouses, Skirts, Pants, Wigs, and all cosplay outfits.

Terms for ordering: (Detailed and messy I know but important ^_^;;)
~ I need a minimum of (30) thirty different pieces ordered overall. (This might be less because I plan to use the profits to buy outfits for myself)
~ I need a minimum of 3 outfits ordered per design.
Example, I need 3 of "Classic Gothic Lolita: 3 Frilled Long Sleeves Cotton Dress
SKU: V00013" before I can put an order for it.
~ You choose the size/custom size and color.
~ Initial Discount is 20% off prices stated on the site per outfit.
~ Additional discounts will occur at 51 outfits, 101 outfits at 25% and 30% respectively.
~ All items will be shipped from FanPlusFriend. This will be "dropshipped" from them. The shipment cost should not be expensive. If dropshipping will be more expensive than individual shipping from my place of business, I will ship them
~ If dropshipping occurs, you have up to 48 hours after receiving the package to ask and qualify for an exchange/return from FanPlusFriend.
~ If I personally have to ship the items. There are no refunds. Exchanges only if there are errors in communication through emails or mis measurement of items of custom orders. Please TRIPLE CHECK all measurements. There will be no returns or exchanges if items don't fit and measurements are correct. FanPlusFriend states to not give room as they're made to measure, but personally I give it an extra inch or two.
~ Texas Residents please add 8.25%.
~ additional details may be added later.
~ There is no minimum costume order for an individual person per order.
~ Separate orders for one person will be charged shipping for each order.
Example: One person wants two dresses but paying with two seperate money orders. Shipping will be charged on each of those orders.
~ If the number of pieces reach the next discount tier, another 7-10 days will be added to the ordering time.
~ Your responsible of any shipping details such as wishing to have tracking numbers, insurance, and confirmations.

Items requested
Name (Click for link)
Quantity Current Price
1CT00002 Sailor Navy Spring Jacket
1TP00005 Tiered Bottom Long Vest
G00023 Corset Waist Tiered Skirt
MA00005 Nova Check Plaid Corset Coat
V00013 3 Frilled Long Sleeves Cotton Dress
1DR00013 Detachable Sleeves Dress
V00006B Bustle Tiered Cotton Skirt
1SP00002 Sailor Navy Bias Skirt
G00010 Black Tail Coat & Red Dress
DR00011 Cross Straps Collar Shirred Bust Jumper
1UN00002 Low Waist Fluffy Volume Pannier

To Order:
Please send an e-mail to Avanindra18@sbcglobal.net with "F+F Group Order" in the subject. Leaving a comment will mostly likely not be noted for orders.

Please state the following

Livejournal Name

Name of item
SKU (Located below item name)
Quanity desired
Color /(Color Details)
Size (Custom Size see note below)

*I can order custom sizing! If you choose custom sizing, please provide the following measurements.
Weight (Total Weight)
Height (Total Height)
Your Bust (Around the fullest part of your chest)
Your Waist (Around belly, near the belly button)
Bust Height (Top of the shoulder line, tape lying flat against the skin to the peak of the bust)
Neck Circumference (Around the base or thickest part of the neck)
Shoulder Width (Shoulder end to end)
Arm Length (Top of shoulder to wrist)
Your Hip
And any other ones you want to add in like Waist to Knee, Waist to Feet,
(Due to high number of custom sizing, this will slow down production speed)

Payments Process
All prices are in United States Dollars
If you wish to order I accept the following payments.

Money Orders.
No Personal Checks, or Cash sent through Postal Service are accepted.

Send an e-mail listing the outfit(s) you want and I will send an reserve/invoice.
Payments will not be asked for until the order is closed.

The wholesale order will go out when ALL outfits have been paid for. You have approximately one (1) week when payment is asked for. Those paying through the mail system please consider delivery speed.

Shipping will be from Texas. I'll try to make the shipping as cheap as possible.
I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND you purchase insurance. This will depending on how much your purchase totals. If something happens, to the package, its not my responsibility. If you are an a buyer outside of the United States. You are responsible for custom fees. If you have any special instructions of shipping or anything of the sort, please let me know.

About me
I myself am a gothic /aristocrat. I try to find outfits custom made, with high quality fabric at a low price.
I have done this order before in the past. I was told my customer service and communication is good.
I have all appropriate licences as required by state law.


Q: What is shipping cost to me?
A: It depends if the order is going out as dropshipping or done through me. Also, the number of items you order and shipping service. This can't be figured until the order is made. It will consist of shipping from FanPlusFriend or shipping from my place of business. This a group order so everyone is paying a certain percentage to the total order.

Q: There is free shipping on the site for orders $500 and above. Don't we get free shipping?
A: No, the free shipping offer is only for retail orders. This is a wholesale order.

Q: What is time you cut off for orders?
A: February 7, 2007 12:00 AM

Q: What happens if someone pulls out of a order, will it reduce the discount?
A: This is a serious order. Please be considerate and try not to back out last second. If this occurs, then everyone will have an adjustment to their invoices.

Q: You shipped me the item, but its defective that its the wrong size, what do I do?
A: Contact me as soon as possible. Its best to purchase faster shipping. I will try to contact and negotiate with FanPlusFriend.

Q: Whats the cost for custom sizing?
A: There is no extra cost for custom shipping.

Q: I plan to move/go on vacation. Will the package make it to me?
A: I suggest before you move to your place of residence, you should put in a change of address form with your local postal service. This will reduce the chance of the postal losing the package. Same goes for holding mail for vacation. If your package doesn't arrive, then check with your local postal service.

Q: Will you provide tracking numbers?
A: If requested and if available.

Any questions can be asked by leaving a comment in the thread or e-mailing me at Avanindra18@sbcglobal.net

Please try to keep the thread open for business. This isn't a place to leave negative or rants about me or FanPlusFriend. Im trying to keep everything positive. ^_^

Be sure to bookmark this entry! It gets updated as more orders are requested. Please excuse the cross posting. The post in EGL community will be updated only.
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