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Sakura Con Anyone?

I know that there is a difference between dressing lolita for a con and dressing lolita just because you love it... But i'll pose the question anyhow:

Are any of you lovely ladies or fine gentlemen going to be attending SakuraCon in your outfits? 

I know I know... it's a cosplay convention so alot of the lolita i'll see there will jsut be... costumes... but that's why i'm asking so i can actually get some pics and meet with the people who know how to do the style justice. n.n I'd love to meet any of you there, just say the word!

Also! (I'm sure i'll get yelled at for this in about 10 seconds) I am attempting to get into a pannel at the convention about Lolita and since I own no outfits of my own, I was wondering if anyone would help me find something that is cheap (i'm paying for college so i'm on a bit of a budget) but dosent LOOK like it's cosplay or straight from the dollar store... remember i'd like to do the style justice... Also tips for styling my hair would be wonderful... brown, long, mega curly...
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