automata of immorality (ex_nerveless718) wrote in egl,
automata of immorality

for sale

prices include shipping.

meta black OTK cotton lace socks - used : $16
yep. i've had these for a long time, only wore them a few times.

h.naoto DARK RED RUM jacket/cutsew top : $112
[pics of it on a mannequin- one; two]
made out of a cotton cutsew material. buttons up the front & also has straps, corsetting on the back. length about 20", sleeve length about 35" (the sleeves also have straps at the bottom so the length can be adjusted]
awaiting payment from angryazngirl

h.naoto DARK RED RUM wrap skirt : $100
wrap skirt w/ velcro and buttons, will fit from about 25~30" waist, hips up to about 34~35" MAX [when i bought this my natural waist was 32" and i could wear it, so if you dont care that it won't sit on your hips, you -could-...]
length varies, shortest about 20" long.

i'm open to offers?
again, prices include shipping to the US [anywhere else ask, it's not a lot more]
paypal only please, my paypal & email address is scarofthedeceiver @ gmail [dot] com
ebay feedback here
i'd rather not do holds, people back out too much unfortunately ^^;.
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