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Direct sales or trade

Alrighty, another sales post=) As you can probably tell, I'm getting rid of a few of sweet lolita items. I'm starting to prefer more classic. I also welcome trades too, so look at the bottom for my wishlist. Ask me for shipping costs:)

Pink Btssb top $45

I bought this top off the community recently, and unfortunately it was too short. I am really tall at 5'8" for reference. It is in perfect condition.

Pink Meta beret $35  SOLD

I love this beret, but I have to let it go:( It is in great condition.

Meta Sweets Collection cutsew $40

Also in great condition. It was a little short on me to wear with normal clothes, but was perfect with high-waisted lolita skirts. And then again, I'm tall^_^

Meta antique white? lucky pack bloomers $45 
Sorry I don't have any pictures because i just got these, but I'm sure most of you know what they look like. If not, I'll try and find a picture. Tags are still attached.

Meta Sailor Jsk with tags

I really don't want to sell this, as it was the first lolita item I ever bought. But then again, I never wore it:/ I'm just curious if there's any interest, and will consider offers. I'm bust 33 C, 27 waist, and 5'8" tall, and I have lots of room to spare. But it could fit smaller too as it has shirring in the back and the belt is adjustable. Let me know if you interested, and make an offer.

Black Meta lucky pack skirt
I'm sure most people know what this looks like, but if you need, I can find pictures for you. I am mainly looking for trades for this, but if you want to make an offer, go right on ahead:) Tags still attached.

Wish list
White petticoat
Red tartan skirt from lucky pack
White meta jsk from lucky pack
White and blue socks (such as meta alphabet)
Anything with bunny/kitty ears:)
Jsks, skirts with cute patterns such as twinkle mermaid, sleeping beauty, windows print etc.

And if you have anything you want to trade, try me! I might like it:) 

Edit:  Some feedback is can be found here:  and I ave feedback on ebay with the same username.
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