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Beautiful Meta JSK for sale, good for larger Loli!

I don't have the original photos from the site in their full size, but I found this here on EGL from another seller who was offering the exact same JSK, except in antique white (thanks ^_^). I bought this off of EGL awhile ago, I think it was NWOT at the time, and it is still in mint condition. I've only worn it twice, once to try on and once to take these pictures last night:

Note, I am only five feet one with a 32 inch bust and 26 inch waist. The dress is WAY too big for me...I look enveloped in it, and it almost comes down to my ankles. Perfect for larger, bustier, taller Lolitas, or at least someone with a B-cup XD! If it fit me, I would keep it. But it is much too large, I know I'll never wear it in public :P. Looking to sell it for $200 flat rate INCLUDES shipping to anywhere that you are, which is what I orignally paid for it :). I'm also willing to negotiate prices, but nothing unreasonable please ^_-...paypal only, I will send by registered air mail. If the post loses/messes up the item, I'm sorry there is nothing I can do, but I can assure you that I will send the item out perfectly!
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