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Retro loli?

Well, I (and my friends and family XD) think the meta A-line dress looks very, well, 60s. SO I decided to to the twiggy-ish make up and all. Anyone ever done retro loli before? XD

riightie, these are quite crappy since I had to take them by myself. I hate beeing sick D:
I will get better pictures of this dress sometime!
bought it from a member of this community and I promised to post photos, sorry it's taken such long time D:

on to the photos!!

the make up! my camera makes everything look alot more red then it really is.. wig and eyebrows for example.. <_< I wish I knew how to change that D: (reason I'm wearing a wig is, well, because half my hair is pink and it didn't look all that good woth the dress and make up XD)

it is fricken cold outside! We just got our first snow a few days ago :) (so late though! feels like we could just have skipped it this year D: My coat will look good in the snow though ;D)

I like tha back drop ;D This is in my backyard. tried to make the wig look better by putting a bow in it. fail D: (but I wanted to go for the 60's look XD reference)

with flash.. am I boring you? XD

tried to get more of the dress.. darn myspace-angles D:


and last but not least.. the view! :3

quite pretty ^^

well, that was all, I'll be sure to post better pictures of this dress as soon as I get some!
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