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Pictures of me in BlackxWhite Meta-A line Dress

I got my  '07 Lucky Pack today <3 WOO! Inside was a Black x White A-line Dress and I'm very happy with it! Along with two sets of bloomers (Black Fancy and White Plain) and a corsage.

Here's me wearing the dress and holding the ubiquitous Meta Swan tote that was a Christmas gift from the lovely xelyna-sama

At first I was unsure it would fit me around the bust since all measurments I've read for this dress had it at 34" on the bust but I didn't have any problems wearing it and I have 38" bust. But of course being cut for Japanese people who are generally shorter in the torso it fits a little awkwardly at the bust but with a good sports bra/corset that shouldn't be a problem.

The dress is fully lined and so a perfect winter item, problem is I live in Australia and wore it today during a 34'C day and it was SWELTERING! (Note: I wasn't wearing those socks during the hot-hot-hot day, I put them on later for the sake of the photograph). Oh well come (Feeble Queensland) Winter it'll be less insufferable to wear but appart from that it's realtively easy to wear and comfortable. The Flower buttons are a bit 'Mod'/70's but I'm sure if they start to irk me later on I can cover them with a cute, wide Lolita tie.

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