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Second try (pic heavy post)

Okay so here are a new set of pics I took not too long ago. I hope they are better than the last ones (oh god please no more hitting *winces*)
Believe it or not I got everything at hot topic and only had to modify some things a teeny bit. The wig is from a local costume shop. I'm really sorry you can't really see the outfit in its entirity I had no one to take my pic this time, and thus had to prop the camera up on a pillow. It took me like 2 hours just to get this many pics hahaohsosadd...
I feel like I should explain a little about me. I would first like to say that I have been a j-fashion fan since waaay back in the middle of high school which was like 5-6 years ago so I'm not that new to it. Anyone who knows me knows I'm crazy about it, and it's all I talk about haha. I aspire to be a fashion designer one day, and just have to get the hang of sewing, but so far I have a very large portfolio of designs with color swatches/fabric descriptions and detailed drawings etc etc. I subscribe to all the popular magazines like KERA, KERAboys, G&L Bible, GosuRori, Kera Maniax, Cure, Shoxx etc etc all that good stuff. However this is only my second attempt at actuually dressing this way. Sure I incorporate other little touches to my everyday wardrobe but I don't usually go full out like this. I'm very poor so I have to wait for things to go on clearance or shop at discount stores, so it makes it a little more of a challenge, but I really want to perservere and be accepted. I love everyone here, and I appreciate everyone's great comments and I want people to know that. I try to take everything in stride, but be gentle lol I 'm pretty emo. I try to reply to everyone ina prompt and polite fashion but I also work like 15-18 hours a day so be patient if I don't respond right away, even if it's just to say thanks. I thank you all in advance.
Also I am a boy if it makes any difference...
And now- to the pictures!

Sassy intro

Heads up!

Close up

Feminine bust!

For those of you with glasses fetishes.

Close up of materials

Only one of my legs/bouncy skirt *it's actually a bit longer, it moved on me heh heh*

Truly truly outrageous


Totally myspaced >_<

Me being totally scary/silly and acting like the grugde as a drag queen

This is the only other pic set I have for a while, but I will be back soon, and hopefully more improved! There is some more and some outtke-y things on my photobucket thingy here -
...also I just delete mean comments so therefore don't waste time on them :)
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