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A coordinate (I use that loosely, you'll see why) and a proposition

So, I'd like to show a "coordinate" that I plan on using and would like to know all of your opinions about this...

So this is something I thought would look interesting with a skirt I've just made (see this post: http://community.livejournal.com/egl/7685677.html ) :

Click-able thumbnail:

What do you all think? Is it a go or a bust? (haha, that sounds so casino-ish ^_^;;)

If yes: I have some AP black socks (up to knee) that I can wear with the outfit... But what about shoes? I have some normal boots.. I'm pretty much at a lost for that part.

If no: Cool! No harm experimenting! XD.

Now onto my proposition for Web/Graphic Designer lolis:

So how many of you lolis are in need of BTSSB, AP, etc. logos? I'm willing to make logos handy for any and all web-designing/graphic-designing lolis, or for lolis who are in need of high quality logos for these brands.

If interested, please comment below asking for the specific brand you'd like and I'll edit this post with the brands that I've been asked to do. Once I'm finished with making them, I'll make a new post (and notify you all).

Also to those who know Illustrator: How would you like your logos made? Would you prefer me making the logos by hand/mouse (drawing), by Live Trace, or by finding the typefaces and then changing the logo to fit? I think if I were to do Live Trace, there may be too many anchor points :\... Let me know ^_^.

Requested logos/parts:

1) BTSSB "B" logo

And that is all :D
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