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Sale of all brand jsk

So as I try to shop around for new things, I figured I should get rid of the stuff that I don't fit into because I probably won't ever fit into. Or in the case of the meta dress, I've worn once and haven't worn since.

I only accept Paypal. All Paypal must be transferred within a couple days of the sale. The highest bidder by midnight tomorrow will win the item. I can ship immediately after payment is received. Shipping will be figured out by location.

First up is the Angelic Pretty Sailor Dress. I have never worn this dress because I don't fit into it. I bought it off of Closet Child.

Start price: $75
BIN: $100

Second is a skirt I recently bought from yahoo auctions also Angelic Pretty. It's the Puppet Circus skirt. This skirt is absolutely beautiful! And the most beautiful velvet. I got a great price on it, but there is no way I'll fit into the skirt.

Here is the size from the website:


Next is a Baby the Stars Shine Bright JSK I just got off of yahoo auctions. I think it's adorable but it's a bit high waisted, or doesn't lay right on me. It just doesn't look good. I tried it on once (just got it today!)
(本体価格 \18,800-)
It's sold out on Baby's website!


Last but not least, I have the meta lucky pack dress from last spring. I wore this once, but I am going to buy new dresses so it may not get worn. I paid $150 for it at a Lolita trade at AX. But of course I'll let it go for less.

Start: $75
BIN: $100

Edit I've dropped some prices!
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