Juliana Ongari (jullie_sama) wrote in egl,
Juliana Ongari

Please...need some help ^^

I need a new watch and a new eyeglasses. And I would like that they have some loli thing or just match with the style. I know baby and victorian maiden have one, but I think *the baby one* is to small to look the hours *dies* doesn't have numbers or a simple point and since I'm a Little blind and confused to read smalls things like the time in a watch...err  *really dead now* and I think is a litle expensive to =x...well my dream watch is one that I saw in vivienne westwood japan site that is to to much expensive and I can't afford...but anyway could someone help me to find a cute watch and a cute eyeglasses? |o|

the dream watch that I can't afford:  http://www.viviennewestwood-tokyo.com/shopping/detail.cfm?CategoryNo=16&ItemLineNo=0&GoodsCd=VW9006-B48&GoodsColorNo=1&DispNum=10&DispMode=0 

Victorian maiden have one: http://www.victorianmaiden.com/VM/catalogue/others/but-watch/bat-watch.html But I don't like it because it's not practical, you have to open "something that I don't know how to say in inglish" and I prefer a watch that you can know the hours in 30 seconds, not 2 minutes @_@

About the glasses I don't have any idea I use contact lents too, but I prefer to use glasses and the one I have is ugly and hurting me so I need a new one 
Please help ;_;  I would be so much appreciated with the angelic soul that could help me....*-*
Pictures with loli girls with glasses would help too
sorry for the bad english =x
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